In 1999 after spending several years perfecting his craft and the recipe for his “secret” garlic-&-herb sauce our chef Xavier Thomas began selling seafood dishes from his home in Sanford Florida.

In 2001 Xavier moved his business to a mobile kitchen unit and assumed the name Xavier’s Mobile Seafood.  With proceeds from this venture, he seized the opportunity to expand to the Atlanta market.

It is our mission to combine the highest quality foods with an assortment of herbs & spices on a consistent basis.  Top that off with our signature sauce, outstanding customer service & we will provide our customers with a mouth-watering taste and experience that cannot be matched our duplicated.  We believe it’s all in the concept we do NOT subscribe to the fast food philosophy. We use only the top ingredients and freshest seafood.

We are committed to turning every customer into a repeat customer, one who eagerly spreads the word about our great taste to others.  We aim to become a locally-renowned brand name whose expansion will result in regional (and eventually nationally) recognition.  Our goals are to 1. maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, 2. obtain the highest quality of food on a consistent basis and 3.  achieve moderate growth.